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  • 6/14/2017 -
    Elk Grove Village to break ground on first '2025' project

    Elk Grove Village officials will break ground Thursday afternoon on the first project of an aggressive infrastructure overhaul estimated to cost $110 million. The groundbreaking on a $6.6 million renovation of the public works facility at 1635 Biesterfield Road marks the start of the Elk Grove 2025 infrastructure plan.

    - Daily Herald

  • 6/11/2017 -
    Elk Grove offers first center that focuses on education of the entrepreneur

    John R. Dallas Jr., CEO of Hillview Partners Network LLC, said it's time for a so-called illuminator. In other words, he believes it's time to illuminate or focus on the entrepreneur and the psychology behind starting and maintaining a business. People need to learn about the ups and downs of running a business, because the human aspect often could make or break a new venture. That is often overlooked, he said.

    - Daily Herald

  • 6/1/2017 -
    Elk Grove Village approves $6.6 public works building upgrade

    Village board members met on the holiday to approve a $6.6 million contract to renovate the public works garage at 1635 Biesterfield Road. The village will also pay Nicholas & Associates $893,000 to manage the design, bidding, permitting, demolition and construction.

    - Daily Herald

  • 5/31/2017 -
    Elk Grove's Mikerphone Brewing earns applause from beer lovers

    Open only since March, Mikerphone Brewing already has the type of loyal fan following that major corporations take years to develop. When you walk into the tight surroundings, you instantly notice the theme is music -- from guitars and amplifiers on the wall to the microphone-styled pull tappers behind the bar.

    -Daily Herald

  • April 30, 2017 -
    Elk Grove's Savage Bros. enjoys sweet success with candy-making equipment

    "It's fun to be in a fun industry," said Parmley, 72, of Antioch. "There's not a tremendous amount of growth, but our customers are fun to work with. And they have customers who, if they're not in a good mood when they come in, they'll come out of the store in a good mood."

    - Daily Herald Business Ledger