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Father and Son Duo On a Mission to Serve the Everyday Golfer
bixtar golf ball

Steven Chong and his father, Simon Chong, founded OneShipping in 2012, a logistics company located in Elk Grove Village. They love manufacturing. They also love golf. After golfing for over 30 years, they never came across a ball that was both high-quality and affordable.

A quality golf ball can cost anywhere between $40 and $50. Although there are affordable balls on the market — unfortunately, they all come with a tradeoff. "Either you're playing with a ball that's affordable but lacks distance or provides distance but feels harder when you hit it," stated Chong. "My father and I wanted to create a ball that feels good and is affordable for the everyday golfer."

Chong and his father didn't waste time pushing the idea forward; they partnered with aerodynamic engineers to take their idea to reality. "There's a lot that goes into the design of a golf ball," said Chong. "If it's off one angle, it changes how it spins and how far it goes."

It took less than a year for the idea to come to fruition. The final design consists of an ionomer cover with a two-piece construction that improves spin, distance and advanced control. The best part? It also provides a softer feel.

Bixtar is the high-quality ball for the everyday golfer. It provides leading-edge design and advanced performance all at a great value, costing only $19.95. What makes Bixtar so affordable? Steven and his father already have a manufacturing space and a warehouse readily available which helps keep production costs low.

There's no doubt Steven Chong and his father have the entrepreneurial spirit. Not only do they oversee operations at OneShipping, but they also own two restaurants in downtown Chicago, and are currently in the midst of promoting and marketing Bixtar. On October 4th, 2017, Bixtar became a "legal" ball by conforming to USGA and R&A's competitive specifications, and soon after, it was featured in Golf Tips Magazine online and is soon to be seen in other industry publications.

Elk Grove Village is known as the place for manufacturing, but it's also home for makers and entrepreneurs. The Chong's entrepreneurial story exemplifies the "beyond business friendly" approach of Elk Grove Village.

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