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All sign permits are processed by the Community Development Department. Call 847-357-4217 for specific details.

Elk Grove mandates that all contractors identified on the permit application have the required licenses.

  • Plumbing and roofing contractors must be licensed by the State.
  • Electricians must have a license from a community in Illinois.
  • All other contractors must have a business license obtained from the Village of Elk Grove.

Remember, permits will not be released until we have verified that all contractors identified on the permit application have the appropriate licenses.

Not necessarily. If permit plans are complete and meet all applicable codes a permit can be issued quickly. 

However, in many cases the plan review reveals code deficiencies that must be addressed before a permit is issued.

Staff of the Village's Community Development Department are available to meet with prior to occupancy. Call 847-357-4220 to schedule an appointment.

Simply call the Village one day before you want the inspection.

The application process begins with the Village . Please call Josh Grodzin, Director of Business Development at 847-357-4005.

The best way to expedite the permit process is to choose an architect or contractor experienced in dealing with permit submittals and/or with experience in dealing with the Village.  

Remember, the overwhelming majority of delays are caused by inadequate or incomplete applications and drawings as well as untimely re-submittals.

A good rule of thumb is to call for an inspection before you cover anything up.  

  • Foundation and concrete work must be inspected prior to the concrete being poured.  
  • Rough inspections for any framing, plumbing, mechanical or electrical installations must also be approved.  

Detailed information about required inspections can be obtained from our website. (  If you are unsure, contact the Department of Community Development.

33,000 people live in Elk Grove Village, IL

Almost all construction projects require permits with the exception of minor repairs. Check the Village website for details or contact the Department of Community Development. Call (847) 357-4220.

You can find available sites and building in Elk Grove Village at: