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6B Tax Incentive Offers Blue Water Builders an Opportunity to Expand
August 2018
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Blue Water Builders offers construction, contracting, and project management services. The company was founded eight years ago by two friends, Roi Kiferbaum and Josh Balonick, who became business partners. They both studied engineering in college and had met through mutual acquaintances. With a strong passion for construction, Kiferbaum and Balonick decided to go into business together during the heart of the recession.

Blue Water Builders' secret to success is to always focus on continuous improvement by becoming more efficient and hiring the right people.

"We are constantly looking for better ways to perform construction," said Balanick.

But with continuous improvement comes a need to expand. Located in Elk Grove Village at 2540 United Lane, Blue Water Builders was given approval for a 6B property tax incentive to expand and move to a 64,000-square-foot building at 1520 Pratt Blvd. Blue Water Builders agreed to install a new sign and loading dock, plus make general exterior and interior infrastructure improvements to the sidewalk, facade, landscape, exterior lightning, parking lot, interior flooring, and office and warehouse space.

The process can be overwhelming for some, but Balanick described the approval process to be seamless. "Thanks to Elk Grove Village, the process was extremely streamlined," claimed Balanick. "Josh walked us through the specific requirements from the county and the Village, and the improvements they desired. We were given such clear direction, which helped us move forward." Josh Grodzin, director of business development and marketing at Elk Grove Village, supports businesses looking to expand in Elk Grove Village through the 6B approval process to ensure the agreement gets approved.

(Blue Water Builders was brought in by the CURV Group to design and build an office as innovative as the products they make while meeting 6B tax incentive requirements.)

Now that the 6B tax agreement was approved, Blue Water Builders certainly won't have many surprises during the construction phase. Not only are they experts in construction, Blue Water Builders has also completed several large-scale 6B incentive projects for clients in numerous cities around Cook County. Along with providing rapid construction and project completion, they offer coordination between design team and tax attorneys who specialize in design and legal processes for 6B tax approval. This provides them a competitive advantage in the market and is one of the many reasons Elk Grove Village is the ideal location to do business. "It's the epicenter of our niche; we didn't even want to look outside of Elk Grove Village," said Balanick.

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