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Air Products Equipment Celebrates 75 Years of Success and Community Support
Air Products Equipment Celebrates 75 Years of Success and Community Support

Air Products Equipment, founded in 1947 and based in Elk Grove Village, represents a variety of manufacturers' products used in commercial, institutional, and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems. The company markets its products to contractors in Chicago and the surrounding areas, carrying an assortment of HVAC and air conditioning products.

The company recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, and although much of its success can be attributed to high-quality products and excellent customer service, a significant portion of this longevity is rooted in its company culture and employee satisfaction.

Air Products Equipment is 100% employee-owned and operates as an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), creating a strong bond with its nearly 50 employees. The president of the company and engineer, Jeremy Dickinson, explained,

“Finding good people is difficult. Keeping them is even more difficult. I think when you have a model where you tell somebody that they own part of this company, you can get a lot better buy-in, he said. “Our emphasis is on putting the employees first. We're very much trying to make this a happy and safe place for people.”

Over the years, Air Products Equipment has seen its share of challenges, including a global pandemic and several major recessions. Still, the company often celebrates employees who’ve served the company for decades. Dickinson, who joined the company right out of college often jokes with new hires, telling them they can throw away their resumes because he’s confident they will be around for the long term.

“We go out of our way to encourage (employees) to get involved in the company. We want them to expect that they've got a future here.”

Through a number of networking events and proactive initiatives like Business Ambassador visits, Elk Grove Village has created a strong sense of community among local business leaders. The efforts also provide a platform for companies like Air Products Equipment to exchange ideas and share resources.

During a recent Business Ambassador visit to Air Products Equipment, Village Trustees toured the facility, met with employees, and discussed ways the Village can support them in building their future locally. Dickinson was impressed with the way board members took his issues to heart.

“We got to exchange some ideas and information. It was just a pleasant experience. It was like having the neighbors over for a cup of coffee and getting to meet them.”

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