Demgy’s Innovative Outlook on Eco-Friendly Products and Workforce Development


In the heart of Elk Grove Village, a plastics manufacturing company stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. France-based Demgy Group with its U.S. Demgy Chicago division, headed by Mike Walter, President, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing manufacturing practices for more than seven decades.

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of machined aerospace components, Demgy has evolved into a global force for good. The company's mission to reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturers led to a strategic shift towards using high-performance plastics in place of traditional metal applications, reducing weight and emissions in the aerospace industry, and producing components for life-saving medical applications. Currently, Demgy is exploring ways to incorporate green plastics made from fully recycled materials or environmentally friendly bio-based materials, into their products.

Molding and automated inspection and packaging of a medical endoscopy device component

Assembly of a commercial aircraft interior’s component

Demgy Chicago’s ISO Class 8 medical component cleanroom

A Demgy Chicago Moldmaker programming a CNC to machine a mold component

More recently, Demgy has turned its innovative spirit to nurturing talent in the manufacturing sector. Recognizing the shortage of skilled technical personnel, they’ve changed their hiring approach and began looking for people with the capability to learn technical skills. This past year, they hired their first manufacturing apprentice from Hersey High School. The internship has exposed this student to all the elements of their manufacturing operation and also allowed Demgy to move forward with a variety of projects they previously didn’t have the resources available to explore. Through apprenticeship programs and partnerships with educational institutions like High School District 214, Demgy is nurturing the next generation of manufacturing leaders.

DEMGY Chicago is a metal to plastic solutions® provider specializing in thermoplastic injection molding

“We think it's beneficial to the community to get kids exposed to manufacturing and for them to see what types of opportunities are out there. Manufacturing often gets a bad rap until you get into an organization and you see the job can be very technical, very challenging, and very mentally stimulating.”

-Mike Walter, Demgy Chicago Division President

Mike notes that one of the key factors contributing to Demgy's success is its strategic location in Elk Grove Village. Situated just minutes away from O'Hare International Airport, the Village provides unparalleled convenience for international travelers and facilitates seamless business operations. Demgy has also found that Elk Grove Village is home to a diverse pool of suppliers that help them in day-to-day manufacturing operations and finding solutions for their customers.

As Elk Grove Village continues to foster a thriving manufacturing ecosystem, Demgy stands as an example of innovation, sustainability, and talent development. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Demgy Group is shaping the future of manufacturing.

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To get connected with an apprenticeship or internship at District 214, contact Sue Dees


A significant portion of Demgy's work is in the aerospace industry, alongside contributions to the medical sector.


The company is at the forefront of meeting ESG requirements, especially given its European base.

Work Force

The Demgy Academy is an internal program designed to train employees in various career paths.

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