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EGV Library: A Treasure Trove of Info for Businesses
EGV Library: A Treasure Trove of Info for Businesses

When you need information — from demographics to competitor information — don't overlook the free resources available at your local library. In Elk Grove Village, for example, the local library recognizes that there are thousands of businesses in town, and they tailor their offerings accordingly. We spoke with Nancy Larson, Reference Librarian/Business Outreach at Elk Grove Village Public Library, to learn more.

Q: Tell us how a business can best tap the resources available at Elk Grove Village Public Library.
The best way is to obtain a corporate library card. If your company has a physical presence here in Elk Grove, you are eligible to obtain a corporate library card that enables you and your staff to access a variety of free resources either at the library or right from your office or laptop. The card is free, and you don't have to be a resident.

Q: What kinds of online resources, for example?
Through our web site and by entering your library card number, you can find all sorts of valuable information to help you start or grow your business.

For example:
Conducting research and looking for sales leads?
Search ReferenceUSA and Public Records.

Need customized consumer and business information?
DemographicsNow provides consumer and market insight with standard and customized demographic data reports.

Looking for legal forms?
Download and print accurate, reliable Illinois legal forms and documents with our Legal Forms database.

Seeking software training?
Have your staff do tutorials or take classes to learn or perfect their skills on Microsoft Word, Excel, and other programs.

Q: How about if I visit the library? What can I access there?
When you come into the library, you can tap the expertise of our staff by scheduling a one-on-one session with a Reference Librarian – someone who can answer your questions, identify resources, teach you how to use a database, and even brainstorm and help problem-solve with you. Our goal is to help people grow their business by giving them the information resources they need.

Q: How do you stay in tune with what EGV businesses need?
Our staff is active in the community in many ways. Since I specialize in supporting businesses, I regularly attend the Greater O'Hare Association (GOA) Chamber Net that meets each month in Elk Grove. As a result, I've had quite a few GOA members come in for individual sessions. We stand behind the Village's Beyond Business Friendly mission. We want to do all we can to help companies in our community thrive.

To apply for a corporate library card at Elk Grove Village Public Library, stop by the reception desk in the lobby or call (847) 439-0447 for more information. You will be asked for proof of identification and proof of eligible business residency.

To learn more or make a one-on-one appointment, contact:
Nancy Larson
Reference Librarian/Business Outreach
Elk Grove Village Public Library