Elk Grove Village is Leading the Way in Community Development


One of the guiding principles for Elk Grove Village is to foster a business-friendly environment throughout the organization. Toward that end, the Building Division of the Community Development Department, which includes Property Maintenance, recently became the first in Illinois to achieve accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (IAS). Elk Grove Village is 24th nationwide to achieve full accreditation, ranking the Village among the top 1% of building departments across the country. The recognition highlights Elk Grove Village's commitment to going above and beyond to ensure the safety and success of its community.

The Community Development Department of Elk Grove Village plays a pivotal role in shaping the local landscape. Comprised of three divisions—Building, Engineering, and Health—this department ensures the safety, quality, and functionality of properties within the Village. From overseeing construction permits and conducting inspections to maintaining property standards and ensuring health code compliance, the department's work directly benefits both residents and businesses.

The path to this significant milestone began in 2020 when the Building Division became aware of the opportunity to pursue accreditation. Recognizing that they were already meeting a significant portion of the accreditation criteria, they decided to embrace the challenge. This endeavor provided an opportunity for the division to revisit and improve upon its existing processes, ultimately leading to a stronger and more efficient department.

Elk Grove Village's Building Division excelled in several areas during the accreditation process. Notably, their commitment to exceptional customer service and their in-depth technical code knowledge set them apart. They pride themselves on translating complex building codes into easily understandable language, making the process more accessible and efficient for businesses and residents. Their dedication to continuous improvement is evident in their efforts to streamline procedures and embrace industry best practices.

The Community Development Department is comprised of the Building, Engineering, and Health Divisions.

“Our philosophy is based on education, collaboration, and teamwork with the community to ensure safety and enhance properties. We want to help businesses and residents succeed while simplifying the process.”

—Jared Polony, Director of Community Development

This recent accreditation reinforces the position of Elk Grove Village as a model for other communities. The Community Development Department's culture of continuous improvement, open communication, and innovative thinking sets a high standard. The Village’s residents and entrepreneurs can rest assured that they are in the capable hands of a Beyond Business Friendly municipality.

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EGV’s accreditation journey began in 2020


The accreditation puts EGV in the top 1% of building departments in the nation

After officially receiving the accreditation status, Jared Polony spoke at the Board meeting about the Department’s achievements and processes.

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