Elk Grove Village Provides Virginia Tile with Access to Key Partners


Virginia Tile, a prominent distributor of tile, natural stone, glass, tools, and setting materials, stands as a testament to timeless quality and modern innovation. With a legacy dating back to 1928, the company has grown from a modest beginning to now covering distribution across 16 states in the Midwest. While some tile manufacturers often work behind the scenes without significant brand recognition, Virginia Tile aims to establish itself as the go-to resource for interior designers, architects, and contractors, offering a comprehensive array of products.

Virginia Tile's community-oriented efforts range from supporting local organizations like a boxing gym for kids and schools for interior design students to larger philanthropic endeavors like donations to Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, the company's high-profile partnership with Keith and Evan from HGTV's Bargain Block, a Detroit revitalization project, underlines its dedication to the local community.

This spacious showroom gives buyers a comprehensive look at Virginia Tile’s offerings.

“Our strategic location in Elk Grove Village has brought us closer to our customers, designers, and contractors, fostering stronger partnerships.”

—Sean Cilona, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Virginia Tile

The company's new location in Elk Grove Village, IL, provided the space needed to create a beautifully modern and spacious showroom. This flagship facility is perfect for hosting their hands-on installation trainings, continuing education classes for designers, and joint events with industry partners. The area is also ideally suited to homeowners, designers, retail stores, and contractors. With its thriving community and strategic proximity to key partners, Elk Grove Village has been instrumental in bolstering Virginia Tile's presence.

Virginia Tile's move to Elk Grove Village has sparked both growth and innovation. With their new location bringing them into the heart of a thriving business community, the company is set for further expansion. Elk Grove Village continues to prove its value as a prime location, fostering business success.

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Virginia Tile distributes across 16 states in the Midwest.


Virginia Tile started in 1928.

Virginia Tile’s modern flagship facility in Elk Grove Village, IL, opened its doors in the summer of 2022.

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