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eWorks Electronics Recycling Service: Doing Good for the Elk Grove Community
eWorks Electronics Recycling Service: Doing Good for the Elk Grove Community

Established in 2009, eWorks is a national, top-tier IT asset and electronics recycling business providing comprehensive solutions for businesses and organizations. They also have an impressive business story. Their mission includes enriching the lives of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. It's not often you come across a business that not only provides great services but also gives back to the community. Located on 1201 Estes Street in Elk Grove Village, eWorks is here to serve Elk Grove businesses and the surrounding region.

Here's why you should have eWorks on speed dial.

Many businesses do not have a reliable approach to properly disposing of retired IT assets and electronic equipment. In trying to do it alone, people often store their old devices in closets or give them to non-certified parties thus increasing their liability with respect to data security. Businesses who improperly dispose of retired IT assets also do not capture the potential residual value of the equipment. eWorks, as a reliable third-party service provider, takes care of this recycling process for its customers through secure collection, processing, and reporting methods.

"eWorks provides us with the convenience of working with a local electronics recycler and the assurance of knowing that our recycling needs are handled responsibly," - July Cano, IT manager at All Tile Carpet Cushions in Elk Grove Village.

What type of electronics does eWorks take?

Their motto, "if it plugs into a wall, we'll take it!" They offer competitive recycling, refurbishment, and resale services for items such as computers, tablets, servers, monitor/display screens, scanners, copiers, network equipment, power supplies, TVs, stereos, and cell phones.

Other services include:

—eCart™: a convenient and secure way to collect e-waste in logistically challenged locations

—eCarton™: for securely collecting equipment from smaller field offices

—Donation Programs: providing tax incentives while benefiting those in need

—Shredding Services: for secure data drive destruction

What are the biggest mistakes businesses make when recycling electronics?

Lou Fyda is the VP of the Midwest region. He's passionate about eWorks and their mission. He's also a huge advocate for ensuring customer and employee data is protected. He stresses the importance of controlling important information, and with the proliferation of data devices, this concern continually increases. "Once an electronic item leaves a user anywhere in an organization, liability begins," Fyda states.

For instance, passing laptops from one employee to the next, selling an older computer to an employee for home use, or releasing them to non-authorized outside parties — any data left on the hard drive is a liability risk. Utilizing a certified third-party service like eWorks efficiently and effectively takes care of these risks.

What about security concerns?

When hiring a third party to dispose of your old electronics, it's crucial to look for a certified electronics recycling company. eWorks is R2-certified, the premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry.

Whether you call eWorks for a pickup or schedule a drop-off, each load and asset is handled in a controlled way. eWorks then provides reports based on the customer's needs from a simple load acknowledgment receipt up to an extensive report, detailing assets by serial number, model, type configuration and their final disposition whether resale or recycled.

What makes eWorks unique?

While providing secure, environmentally safe, and competitive recycling services, they also offer opportunities for the disabled through specialized education and job training in electronic recycling. They create jobs by employing people to operate within the electronic recycling program.

According to the United States Department of Labor, "the unemployment rate for adults with disabilities is twice the unemployment rate of non-disabled adults." eWorks dedicates time to developing full-time jobs for the disabled by teaching them the skills to professionally recycle electronic equipment. During this year's Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing & Technology Expo, Governor Bruce Rauner and Mayor Craig Johnson recognized four businesses for business excellence within the following categories: Industrial Development of the Year, Sustainability, Innovation, and Community Support. eWorks was highly recognized with an award for Excellence in Community Support.


Now's the time to make some room in the office and get rid of your IT devices and electronics for good. Call eWorks today at 1-331-207-4343 or email: