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Fastest Labs Opens in Elk Grove, Providing A New Service for Local Companies
November 2018
Fastest Labs Elk Grove Village

Zeeshan Tejani and his sister, Minha Ali, always knew they wanted to go into business together. When conducting research on the business market, they came across an opportunity to open a new location for Fastest Labs®, a drug testing franchise, in Elk Grove Village. It specializes in a wide range of drug, alcohol, and DNA services for both employer and personal testing.

At Fastest Labs, customers are able to undergo a drug test under five minutes in a clean, fast, and friendly environment. With Ali's background as a former cardiac unit nurse and Tejani's business sense, it was the ideal fit:

"We always wanted to get into a business together as a family. With Fastest Labs, we found a business model where we could pay it forward while keeping the lights on. Our goal is to continuously use our network and platform to bring awareness and educate the community about sensitive subjects like drug, alcohol and substance abuse through our lunch and learn sessions. This impacts all of us in one way or another," states Ali.

Tejani and Ali both have high energy and a strong passion for their new endeavor. To start the business, they first had to complete several certifications:

—DOT Professional Certified Collector Course in accordance with 49CFR, Part 40 and 382

—Lifeloc Technologies, INC Operated and Calibration technician Certification – Phoenix 6.0 Evidential Breath Tester

—AABB accredited certification for DNA testing

—Quest Diagnostics, Omega Laboratories and Psyche-medics collection certification

Recently, the duo exhibited at Elk Grove Village's Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing and Technology Expo. Ali attracted attendees to the booth by expressing the purpose behind why she does what she does. "I believe that what and how we test can change a person's life," stated Ali. "We have heard incidences at other testing centers where those being tested have been discriminated against. We do our best to make sure people are taken care of."

Fastest Labs, located on 1701 Howard St., is quiet, comfortable, clean and private. After six months of being in business, Tejani has come to realize the emotional impact associated with the work. Those who come in for testing sometimes find themselves in a vulnerable state and Tejani has found himself to be a bystander of it, especially for those who risk losing their job due to drug or alcohol abuse. He learned quickly that the work he does is more than just providing reliable testing – it's about making sure people feel safe and comfortable while being tested.

"Drug testing is not a comfortable experience for anyone. We treat everyone that we test with respect, no matter what," states Tejani.

What's in it for manufacturers?

For companies that run drug tests for new hires or current employees, many of the medical clinics typically take about an hour or more for someone to get tested. What makes Fastest Labs ideal for local Elk Grove employers is that it's fast — candidates are in and out in five minutes. And, if you're a company that focuses on people first, Fastest Labs is a safe place where job candidates and employees will feel comfortable in a private environment.

At Fastest Labs, employers have the opportunity to:

  • Receive candidates' drug screening results immediately
  • Cut back on the costs of drug, alcohol, and background screenings
  • Get started with a federally-compliant drug testing policy
  • Get help managing a random drug and alcohol testing process

Tejani and Ali believe in a safe work environment for all, no matter what industry. "Employees are by far a company's most valuable resource. We should honor them by giving them a safe, drug-free workspace," says Tejani.

Tejani and Ali are also always one step ahead of the game too. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that the testing area, including the bathroom, is foolproof. "It would be very difficult for someone to try and cheat through a test here," explains Tejani.

If you're interested in getting started with Fastest Labs, contact Fastest Labs in Elk Grove Village at or call 847-378-8447. For more information, visit