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From Dishwasher to Industry Leader: The Inspiring Journey of Northstar Foods
From Dishwasher to Industry Leader: The Inspiring Journey of Northstar Foods

In the heart of Elk Grove Village, Northstar Foods, led by John and Donna Nowobilski, stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. John, an immigrant from Poland, began his culinary career as a dishwasher at a local doughnut shop. Over time, his passion and expertise grew, leading him to purchase a small sausage shop in 1981. From these humble beginnings, Northstar Foods emerged. The need for expansion led him to explore options and eventually settle in Elk Grove Village in December 2004.

Elk Grove Village, with its strategic location near major highways and O'Hare International Airport, became pivotal to the expansion of Northstar Foods. The town's Beyond Business Friendly environment helped fuel the company's progress. Most recently, this support included the establishment of a tunnel that connects the three Northstar Foods buildings so that products no longer need to be transported between adjacent buildings by truck. The Village worked in partnership with Northstar Foods to overcome challenges associated with this project, so they could take advantage of this opportunity for increased efficiency. Northstar Foods honored the Village’s collaborative efforts by naming the tunnel after Elk Grove Mayor Craig Johnson at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 8th, 2023. This partnership between Northstar Foods and Elk Grove Village exemplifies the town's commitment to nurturing local businesses and spurring innovation.

“Elk Grove Village is very accommodating. They will do anything to help you succeed and accomplish your goals.” -John Nowobilski, Founder, Northstar Foods

Today, Northstar Foods offers a diverse array of products, including over 120 varieties of deli meats, sausages, smoked fish, and specialty foods. Items from their product line can be found at specialty stores including Tony’s Finer Foods, Montrose Market, Fresh Farms, and Petes Fresh Market, to name a few. John's decades of experience and innovative spirit drive the company's success. He continues to experiment with recipes, blending old-world traditions with contemporary flavors. Maintaining strong ties to Elk Grove Village, Northstar Foods recently expanded into a retail storefront located at 2575 American Lane, enhancing accessibility to their exceptional products.

As Northstar Foods thrives, Elk Grove Village continues to foster a pro-business ecosystem. This collaboration paints a vibrant picture of a community that values dedication, celebrates innovation, and opens doors for growth. The success story of Northstar Foods epitomizes the potential when passion meets opportunity, enriching both the business and the town.

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