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High-End Image Studio Moves to Town
Centerpoint Elk Grove Village

Centerpoint is one of Elk Grove’s newest business residents, a commercial image studio that produces creative storytelling through photography, video and animation.

One of Centerpoint’s specialties is stylishly staging products such as furniture, home goods, paint, and food — literally building the sets and backdrops from outdoor scenery to indoor spaces, from state-of-the-art kitchens to luxurious bedrooms and more.

The ability to create environments came in handy when the company moved out of two smaller spaces in Chicago and into a 35,000-square-foot studio at 2101 Arthur Avenue in Elk Grove. The challenge was that they moved in April, just as the coronavirus pandemic began.

“We had to be out of our old space by May 1,” says Scott Peota, Chief Executive Officer. “So we got everyone masked up and sanitized, and we followed strict rules in place with the movers. It was pretty incredible how our team came together … but stressful.”

Finding the Right Fit

The move was the culmination of a two-year process that began when Peota first met Josh Grodzin, Elk Grove Village director of business development and marketing.

“I knew the O’Hare area was where we wanted to be,” says Peota. “So Josh came out to visit, and we had subsequent conversations.”

Along with his realtor, Peota used to explore properties in Elk Grove. “Then Josh pointed us to this location, which was going through 6B licensing. That made it very attractive. And it was the right size and would keep us in a central location for our employees, which was very important to us.”

The new space includes a cohesive, on-brand design; a full carpentry shop; photo gallery; in addition to elegant and inviting offices and common areas. Peota adds that its proximity to Woodfield Mall and other shopping nearby is an added bonus. “We do a lot of prop shopping, so that really helps.”

Past, Present and Future

Another plus is that the new space offers potential to expand in the future. Even with the current challenges of the pandemic, Scott is optimistic — perhaps because Centerpoint has already ridden out many changes over the decades.

Peota bought Centerpoint from his father in the mid-1990s. The company began as an art studio, producing illustrations for Sears and Wards catalogs. As the Chicago retail industry changed and the Digital Age began — with massive “wish book” catalogs disappearing along the way—Centerpoint had to adapt.

That spirit of optimism was also behind the virtual Elk Grove Business Ambassador Team visit Centerpoint had in early August.

“It was nice to meet more village staff and the trustees and find out more about what Elk Grove is doing for its business residents,” Peota says. “We really want to be involved more in the community, and that was a great start.”

Want to connect with the Village like Centerpoint did? You don’t have to be new to town. Schedule your Business Ambassador virtual visit today.