How an Elk Grove Village business is helping shape its community


Founded in 2001 by Mike Hartel, designhaus specializes in commercial and industrial architecture, with work ranging from revamping industrial buildings to creating contemporary commercial spaces. With their strategic location in the Elk Grove Business Park, designhaus is well-positioned to understand the needs of their clients.

Over the years, designhaus has carved out a significant niche in helping clients bring their vision to life, while also navigating complex building codes and municipal design requirements. Their client-centric approach also allows the company to handle a diverse range of products with adaptability and broad expertise.

Royal Die & Stamping in Carol Stream received renovations to the existing facility offices, warehouse, production, façade, and second story offices/elevator

Grecian Delight, in Elk Grove Village, showcases designhaus’s façade enhancement services

The Haas facility, in Elk Grove Village, showcases a 6B façade enhancement and interior office renovation

Brightstar was a corporate renovation project in Libertyville

In Elk Grove Village, their work helps shape the aesthetic landscape of the community, in part by helping property owners seeking Class 6b tax incentives meet Village needs by improving the exterior of the buildings.

The Cook County Class 6B property tax incentive encourages industrial development through redevelopment and reutilization of industrial properties. In order to qualify for the incentive, projects require municipal support and Elk Grove Village has designed its 6b program to achieve results that also improve the appearance and operation of the Business Park.

Childrens Home and Aid in Carpentersville was a ground up, 27,000 s.f. project which met strict environmental standards

“The Business Development Office is very proactive. Their approach has been instrumental to our success.”

—Mike Hartel, owner of designhaus

designhaus executes projects seamlessly by proactively collaborating with local authorities. Their efforts in Elk Grove Village are aided by the community’s proactive, Beyond Business Friendly approach to customer service. The Community Development Department is known for its efficiency and responsiveness, and excels in offering timely assistance and streamlining processes, and understanding critical business deadlines. Additionally, the Village’s Business Development team is available to help clarify requirements and connect businesses to the right person to meet their needs.

The story of designhaus shows how businesses that align strategically with a community’s goals can lead to success for both the community and the business.

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designhaus was founded in 2001


designhaus specializes in commercial and industrial architecture


6B is a Cook County property tax incentive

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