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Maman Corporation Relocates to New Home in Elk Grove Village
April 2018
Maman Corp moves to Elk Grove Village

Founded in 1997, Maman Corp. was a collaboration between two families with extensive experience in the construction industry. Adding more value to clients' projects inspired the founding leadership team to open for business.

Maman Corp. initially focused on interior finishings but has evolved significantly over the last two decades. The firm offers comprehensive capabilities in construction project management and general contracting, including an AV division in the retail, commercial and corporate sectors.

A knack for complex construction

They pride themselves on being a one-stop construction shop, focusing in on niche industries and mission-critical facilities that require a high level of expertise.

Mission-critical facilities, such as data centers, call centers and SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), require highly advanced constructional and technical skill. Data centers, where physical computer servers are stored, require sophisticated infrastructure to support ever-evolving specialized technology, and oftentimes are equipped with water reservoirs and backup generators. SCIF's infrastructure protects highly sensitive data and must conform to government-specified physical and technical security specifications. Call centers require substantial telephone cabling infrastructure that can support a high call volume. After two decades of experience, complex construction projects with advanced infrastructure are no sweat to Maman Corp.

Elk Grove supports Maman Corp. during growth stage

After outgrowing their former space in Palatine, Illinois, Maman Corp. was on the market for new office space. While the team explored several municipalities for their new office, Elk Grove Village quickly revealed itself to be the perfect place to grow their business. Maman Corp. moved into their current Elk Grove office in August 2017 and they are already reaping the benefits of doing business in North America's largest industrial park.

The 6B tax incentive, an industrial real estate tax property incentive, was one of several reasons Elk Grove made sense. But along with this incentive, Elk Grove provided an exceptional community of like-minded business professionals, offering companionship and new business opportunities. When Maman Corp. relocated last August, many of their neighbors visited them in-person to offer a warm welcome. This tight network generated new business and sales leads within just six months of moving in.

As for city communication, Josh Grodzin, the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Elk Grove Village, went above and beyond to provide everything they needed to know about the industrial park and communicated the resources the Village had to offer.

"If you're thinking about moving to Elk Grove, talk to Josh," declared Guy Ranallo, Vice President of Construction Management at Maman Corp.

Location. Location. Location.

The Village's proximity to major highways and O'Hare International Airport provided easy access to distributors and clients in the Chicagoland area and around the country. Another unexpected perk is that their office is conveniently located down the street from the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters in which several of Maman Corp. employees participate in the apprenticeship program. The program covers the fundamentals of carpentry, providing with practical knowledge to support Maman Corp. employees.

"The apprenticeship program equips employees with the knowledge to be more vigilant and forward-thinking on all projects," said Ranallo.

What's next for Maman Corp.

Maman Corp. plans to continually evolve all while contributing to thought leadership and technological innovation in the construction and carpentry fields.

"We want to stay on top of the latest technology and continue to be a leader in cutting edge and innovative projects," said Megan Tinsley, Maman Corp's Vice President of Finance and Business Development.

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