Pinball and Pints: A Story of Collaboration in Elk Grove Village


In the summer of 2022, the spirit of collaboration gave rise to a unique partnership between Mikerphone Brewing and Stern Pinball, blending the worlds of beer and pinball into a mutually beneficial relationship. This collaboration serves as a perfect example of how businesses can come together to create something new and exciting.

The partnership started with Mike Pallen, the visionary behind Mikerphone Brewing. Inspired by a segment on the Village’s local television channel (EGTV) featuring Stern Pinball, Mike saw an opportunity to work with a nearby business and merge his craft beer with the growing popularity of pinball. Stern Pinball, recognized for its pinball legacy that dates back to the 1930’s, responded with enthusiasm, paving the way for a unique entertainment ecosystem inside Mikerphone Brewing’s tasting room.

This Stern Pinball lineup in Mikerphone’s tasting room features the Mandalorian, Godzilla, Led Zeppelin, and James Bond pinball machines.

“Once you turn those games on, the room changes. It's the lights, it's the sounds. When people start playing, there's a whole new energy about it….. if you have the space in your place to bring in these machines, it’s so worth it.”

-Mike Pallen, Owner and Founder of Mikerphone Brewing

The synergy between Mikerphone Brewing and Stern Pinball quickly evolved into a dynamic partnership. Each business has gone above and beyond the initial collaboration to help the other succeed. Stern Pinball has hosted numerous events at Mikerphone Brewing, including a celebratory announcement of their new CEO and a celebration of life event for one of Stern Pinball’s long-time employees. In turn, Mikerphone was inspired to create a new beer called "Stern up the Volume.” The beer was launched in 2023 at a pinball expo and is a massive hit among the many bars and restaurants that house Stern’s pinball machines.

Mikerphone Brewing’s family-friendly music-themed tasting room offers beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, food, and fun.

Mikerphone’s patio expansion opened in the summer of 2023.

Stern up the Volume, a double dry-hopped pale ale with citra hops, was launched in October 2023.

Stern Pinball’s Founder, Co-Owner and Chairman Gary Stern & President and CEO Seth Davis enjoying a beer in Mikerphone Brewing’s tasting room.

Mikerphone and Stern Pinball were both drawn to Elk Grove Village by its strategic location and business-friendly environment and both have chosen to reinvest and expand in the community over the years. The Village's dense business population and responsive government have enabled Mikerphone to evolve and expand from a simple brewery to a community hub, hosting charity events and pinball tournaments that draw large crowds. Similarly, Stern Pinball's decision to invest $5 million in a significant expansion within Elk Grove Village further reflects the compelling logistical advantages of the Village's location.

“When we outgrew our original space, we considered a number of other locations, including out-of-state. In the end, working with the Mayor, the Board, and the staff at Elk Grove Village was something we didn’t want to give up, and being part of the industrial park made the most sense for our needs.”

-Dave Peterson, Co-Owner and Vice Chairman of Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball’s new Business Park location.

While each business has independently achieved success, with this partnership, they have further leveraged their location in the Village’s dynamic Business Park by working with a local partner to enhance their customer experience. The diversity of businesses and clustering of similar businesses are major competitive advantages of locating in Elk Grove Village. The story of Stern Pinball and Mikerphone exemplifies how Elk Grove businesses can benefit from getting to know their neighbors.

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When it
All Began

The partnership between Mikerphone Brewing and Stern Pinball began in the summer of 2022.

A Rich

Stern Pinball's history in the pinball industry dates back to the 1930s.


Mikerphone's fundraising efforts support veterans, youth scholarships, and local organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

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