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Plastic Products Made Safely in Elk Grove Village at Avient Global
Plastic Products Made Safely in Elk Grove Village at Avient Global

Introducing, Avient

Avient Global is recognized as a leader in a variety of markets with a deep focus on quality, innovation, and customer service. From polymer colorants that are molded onto liquid and solid products to screen printing ink for t-shirts, the company’s work also shows up in everyday consumer products like toothbrushes and shaving razors.

In fact, Avient provides a number of solutions for over 35,000 customers. It generates $3.8 billion in annual revenue across 115 facilities and has 8,000 employees in 35 countries. Its North American headquarters is in Ohio and the Elk Grove Village location that was purchased in 1970 employs 55 people today, while producing $35 million in local sales.

Locally, the Elk Grove Village facility specializes in coloring, mixing different types of resins with colors and additives for over 1,000 customers in healthcare, packaging, and bottling (Ex: Pepsi, Gatorade). During the pandemic, Avient helped produce Covid-19 testing kits, vaccination kits, ventilators, and masks. To date, 25% of the Elk Grove Village production goes into medical devices.

Other uses in a vast portfolio include impact modifiers that provide strength and reinforce stability in construction, automobile and boating products, as well as special effects features for appliances, bathtubs, and jacuzzis.

Great People and Reliable Processes

Avient’s unparalleled portfolio comes together thanks to a strong team of engineers and scientists who provide specialization, operational excellence and work side by side with customers to develop applications. Still, it’s the company’s on-time delivery and quality that separates and differentiates it from others in the industry. And that makes Elk Grove Village an ideal place to grow.

“Location is critical in our industry and servicing our customers on time is very important,” Operations Director Roger Hughey said. “Once we receive an order, we have to bring the material in, make it, and ship it in five days. So, we need to be close to a transportation hub.”

Making it Safe to Make Plastic Products

Though Avient makes so much, Hughey is even more proud of how his company makes its employees safe with a best in class safety culture.

“We have a lot of preventative programs like risk reduction analysis in place,” Hughey said. “Rather than being reactive, we can video tape and review tasks with workers to discuss hazards and mitigate risks, then follow through with process and equipment improvements.”

Companies across the plastics industry typically average 3.7 to 4.5 injuries per associate, per year. Avient, however, has averaged 0.65 since 2013. And it’s not only employees that Avient looks after. The company has donated over one million dollars locally to United Way each year and also launched a charitable campaign in October of 2021.

Elk Grove Village Opens Doors for Avient

Hughey recently had an opportunity to visit with a few local civic leaders, who opened his eyes to a number of opportunities.

“It was great to have a face-to-face interaction with Elk Grove staff to go through our capabilities and identify a few gaps,” Hughey said. “They have a lot of unique programs and professional development that I wasn’t aware of, but we’re going to look into. It’s also nice to get onto calls with other businesses to talk about how they’re handling labor shortages and supply chain issues.”

Elk Grove Village is actively scheduling these business ambassador visits throughout 2022. For more information, email Business Development Team at

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