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Podcast Episode 8: What It Takes to Be a Manufacturing Leader
Podcast Episode 8: What It Takes to Be a Manufacturing Leader

"You spend your whole life building something. How do you make sure it perpetuates over time?" -Ann Gruber, Ashland Door Solutions

In Episode 8 of the Strictly BusinessEpisode 8 of the Strictly Business podcast, Josh Grodzin invited three manufacturing leaders to participate in a business roundtable to discuss what it takes to keep a company strong.

The panelists who participaticed in the business roundtable included:

Jeffrey Taylor, VP & General Manager, Crafts Technology

Michael Goeringer, President, Arc-Tronics, Inc.

Anne Gruber, President, Ashland Door Solutions

These manufacturing leaders make success seem like a piece of cake. But when it comes down to it, they deal with the many pressures of wearing several hats while keeping the business afloat. Here are only a few of the topics discussed:

—If you're managing a small business, how do you keep it going?

—How to keep up with the ongoing changes to federal and tax laws

—The importance of keeping the "books" organized

—How feeling overwhelmed over OSHA laws is normal; it's a time investment

—Being flexible of the next generation of skilled workers' needs and desires

—How to manage your time when dealing with multiple departments

—Building a team of experts outside of your business

—Attracting top talent with desirable skills

—Identifying gaps in the marketplace; seeking opportunity

—Launching new products and services

If you're a business leader in manufacturing, this episode is a must-listen! Click here to tune in now.

The 2016 Business Excellence Award Winners

Despite the challenges of being a manufacturing leader, the perk of doing business in Elk Grove is your hard work does not go unnoticed. During the 2016 Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing and Technology Expo, the following manufacturers were recognized for their exceptional work and the impact they have made on the community:

Rebechini Studios (RSi) - Community Support

RSi is a family owned company, specializing in supplying signs, components, and various specialty goods. Each year they have designed the Business Excellence Award trophies for the Expo.

Iosso Products - Sustainability

Iosso Products was recognized for its bio-based, environmentally friendly, and non-petrochemical products.

Cristaux - Innovation

Cristaux is a full-service design and manufacturing company, specializing in custom awards and other high-end forms of recognition, and was recognized for their dedication to innovation.

Congratulations to our 2016 winners! We look forward to watching your companies grow right here in Elk Grove.

Check out photos from the 2016 Made in Elk Grove Expo