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Providing Support for Japanese Businesses in Illinois
Providing Support for Japanese Businesses in Illinois

Shin Kishioka is the president of ITA, a minority-certified MBE (Minority Business Entrepreneur), non-profit organization. Kishioka and his team are dedicated to developing support platforms for global, Japanese-based businesses.

Before becoming president of the ITA, Shin worked for Itochu Corporation in Japan, a large global trade corporation. His background lies in creating international sales channels and new businesses in the industrial sector.

Today Shin focuses his time on providing assistance for Japanese businesses looking for better support in the state of Illinois.

Shin has been a great resource for The Village of Elk Grove and its Asian-based companies that need greater support. Recently, the ITA assisted Nichifu, a company first founded in Japan in 1951, when they first moved to Elk Grove Village in 2015, by connecting them with U.S. distributors.

Various Japanese industry associations help connect foreign companies to the ITA through word of mouth, referrals, and various business-support companies like attorneys and accounting firms. In the last five years, the ITA has grown an excellent reputation as a primary resource for Japanese-based companies in the state of Illinois. Most recently, ITA received its Minority Business Enterprise-certification.

"There are about 600 Japanese-based companies in Illinois," Shin claims. "Out of those 600 companies, manufacturing makes up the majority."

Since Elk Grove Village is home to the largest industrial park in the United States, there's no question why foreign manufacturers continue to relocate or expand in a location where there's a rich manufacturing culture.

"There's many benefits to Japanese companies choosing Elk Grove," Shin states. "For one it's close to one of the best Japanese schools in the state." He also listed out other great benefits, including easy access to major cities, especially if companies are sales-oriented. And the diversity of manufacturing is also a plus.

One of Shin's biggest concerns is the lack of support for these 600 plus Asian manufacturers based here in Illinois. But despite these downfalls, Shin and his team at ITA continue to be a great resource for value and supply chain, and sales channel creation, to help these businesses grow, stay strong and provide new opportunities and connections.

Shin is also deeply involved with current government initiatives, and has visited the White House three times to discuss to help support Asian-based companies who have chosen to expand here in Illinois.

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