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Siemens is Redefining its Workspace to Help Companies Adopt Digitalization
Siemens is Redefining its Workspace to Help Companies Adopt Digitalization

Siemens, located in Elk Grove Village, IL, is a technology company that operates in electrification, automation, and digitalization, providing innovative solutions to a wide range of industries. It is a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate Siemens AG, based in Munich, Germany. Its Elk Grove location plays a critical role in Siemens AG's global mission to shape the future of technology.

The Elk Grove facility is primarily used for service and training the SINUMERIK CNC control platform including the SINUMERIK 828D, SUNUMERIK ONE, and SINUMERIK MC systems.

Steve Fruehe, Pre-sales Solution Consultant at Siemens explained how Siemens is making an impact in the manufacturing industry.

Fruehe assists companies in their digitalization journey when they don’t know what to do. When asked what companies are struggling with the most these days and how Siemens works to address these struggles Fruehe stated,

"The biggest struggle right now is not knowing what you don't know,” he said. “Right now, in this data-collection era, we’re seeing a lot of money being left on the table. It’s one thing to get companies to utilize this software, but it's another thing to get them to embrace this mindset of digitalization."

Fruehe compared Siemens technology, in a fundamental sense, to a Fitbit.

“A Fitbit doesn’t magically make you lose weight, but it provides you with data that could help with this process,” Fruehe said. “You can monitor your machines all you want, but it’s not going to do anything until you make that action."

Part of Fruehe’s role is to help companies become more transparent with their data to increase efficiency. Siemens utilizes software and data analytics to help companies realize their true operating potential.

Like many businesses, with so many employees working remote, Siemens has pondered whether a physical location is necessary. Even with most of its employees working off site, Siemens values its Elk Grove location because of its proximity to O’Hare International Airport. Siemens has worked to redefine its physical location by using it primarily as a training space for clients.

“We offer free training to anyone that uses our Sinumerik controller,” said Fruehe. “We’re really focused on trying to push the knowledge and know-how of Siemens software and hardware automation to anyone that wants to learn.”

Being so close to O’Hare allows Siemens customers to easily travel in from out of state or, in some cases, internationally.

Working inside an 80-year-old building could prove challenging, especially with such innovative technology. However, the Elk Grove location provides the perfect mix of industrial space and high-tech performance capabilities.

"Our Technical Application Center (TAC) in Elk Grove is a machining environment where we demonstrate our software and hardware automation to address customers’ manufacturing challenges.," Fruehe said. "This allows them to see first-hand the advantages digitalization can bring to their company including how they can accelerate their business and get to market faster."

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