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Siemens’ Technical Application Center in Elk Grove Village Meets the Needs of Digital Manufacturing
siemens application center in elk grove

As manufacturing companies continue to move towards a digital manufacturing transformation, Siemens' Technical Application Center in Elk Grove Village recently made some tremendous upgrades to help better support their customers with CNC technology training.

The Technical Application Center educates on operations and programming of the CNC machines as well as service and maintenance. Classes are instructor-led and geared towards the importers and dealers that sell machines with Siemens equipment. As of today, the center in Elk Grove offers 18 classes with a few new topics requested from Siemens' customers including:

—Mixed technology operation and programming

—Flexible NC programming

—Multi-channel operation and programming

—Advanced measuring cycles

—Post-processor development

—PLC commissioning and service

—4th-axis integration

—Part and tool probe installation

The two classrooms come equipped with SinuTrain software and Sinumerik CNC simulators.The lab has expanded and includes milling machines, a turning center, a robotic center, and NX-CAM training stations. The new setup was designed with the latest technology to create a more streamlined process in which the trainee moves from classroom to hands-on experience.

Global connections and virtual training program

Siemens also offers a virtual technical education center equipped with webinars, video, online classes, and access to online resources that augment all training with a global foundation. If trainees have further questions outside the classroom, they can call and request the information and resources they need, all accessible digitally. Online training from Siemens offers both one-on-one training or group training, depending on customers' needs.

Imagine being able to learn and connect with other trainees from around the world. Well at Siemens, it's possible. Siemens has technical application centers across the world: Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Korea, India, and the U.S. Every technical application center, including Elk Grove's location, has an advanced system that provides a live 3D view of any other technical application center in the world. Every machine is connected to the cloud, which makes it simple to identify, in real time, when machines are on/off or down.

Inspiring the next generation of young makers

The Center also has special appeal for the next generation of makers, with its collection of advanced machinery and high-tech computer systems.

Although the training center is not open to the public, Siemens welcomes local manufacturing and engineering instructors and schools to schedule a time to tour its training center. It's a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of makers to pursue a career in manufacturing. Local high school and college trainees will enjoy seeing the hands-on, high-tech classrooms, the CNC and robotic machinery, and the augmented reality technology.

Siemens continues to make a difference in the manufacturing industry both at a local and global level and is a member of several manufacturing and technology associations, including AMT, NTMA, SME, and, locally, TMA.

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