Sonoco Leads the Charge in Sustainable Packaging for Businesses


Sonoco, a global leader in packaging since 1899, epitomizes environmental and social responsibility in the industry. The company is committed to a number of sustainability goals, including reducing emissions, water usage, and energy. The Elk Grove Village facility is a prime example of Sonoco’s commitment to sustainability and its ethos, "Better Packaging. Better Life." The facility emphasizes clean manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impacts. Dedicated to empowering its workforce, Sonoco provides a supportive environment that fosters personal and professional growth, helping to sustain its legacy of quality and innovation.

Sonoco is known in the packaging industry for its innovative solutions that address the complex needs of businesses today. They provide various packaging options, from flexible plastics to rigid paper-based solutions, all designed with the environment in mind. These solutions include Sonoco’s EnviroSense product line, which features cans made from 100-percent recycled paperboard, rigid plastic packaging containing post-consumer recycled content, recyclable mono-material flexible pouches, and innovative packaging made from agricultural fibers. Each product reflects Sonoco's commitment to enhancing the consumer experience and reducing ecological footprints through better packaging.

Sonoco’s Elk Grove Village facility employs approximately 230 people

Sonoco’s first product was a cone-shaped paper yarn carrier used for winding and transporting yarn

Sonoco is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030

Forbes named Sonoco a top-ranked company in the packaging sector in 2019

At Sonoco's Elk Grove Village facility, the focus on sustainability is an ongoing process. The site is actively involved in redesigning packaging materials to reduce environmental impact. These efforts involve transitioning to materials that are easier to recycle and align with the needs of major retailers focused on sustainability. Recently, Sonoco was put to the test by one of its largest clients. John Madden explained, “They challenged us to provide a more sustainable solution for them. We developed a multilayered research initiative where we redesigned and restructured almost their entire portfolio, transitioning to a new type of environmentally-friendly material.” This is part of Sonoco’s larger mission to reduce waste and improve recyclability across all its products. The facility’s proactive approach ensures that sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it's integrated into every operational facet, from material selection to process improvement.

Many of Sonoco's innovative solutions are made from recyclable, compostable, reusable, and/or bio-based content

“We will do anything not only for our customers and our employees but for the environment. We don’t cut corners. We’ve done multiple projects and trials to improve our materials and processes to make sure they are environmentally friendly.”

-John Madden, Plant Manager

At Sonoco, employee development and the promotion of high-quality work are fundamental to their corporate ethos. The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) exemplifies this commitment by fostering employee growth and leadership skills. Through ELP, Sonoco offers a structured pathway for career advancement, allowing participants to engage in cross-functional training and real-world projects across the company. This includes mentorship and regular evaluations to ensure continuous personal and professional development. This initiative offers employees career development opportunities, positioning them to take on significant roles within the company. Such programs underscore Sonoco’s dedication to ensuring that its staff is well-equipped to meet the demands of the industry while contributing to the company’s ongoing success in packaging solutions.

Employee engagement is another critical area, with initiatives designed to build a workplace where everyone feels valued and recognized. Whether celebrating work anniversaries, hosting holiday events, or acknowledging personal milestones like birthdays, the company goes above and beyond to foster a supportive workplace culture. This approach enhances employee morale while solidifying a sense of community within the company.

Sonoco's Elk Grove Village facility fully embodies the company’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and sustainability. Through strategic initiatives in packaging innovation and employee development, Sonoco demonstrates that focusing on environmental and social responsibility can go hand-in-hand with corporate success. This dedication ensures that Sonoco remains a leader in the packaging industry, ready to meet future challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions

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in 1899

Sonoco has been a major player in the packaging industry for over a century.


Sonoco operates in more than 85 countries with 330 global manufacturing plants.


Newsweek named Sonoco one of America’s Most Responsible Companies in 2023.

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