The Elk Grove Village Fire Department's Journey to Top-Tier Safety


The Elk Grove Village Fire Department recently achieved a prestigious Class 1 designation from the Insurance Services Office (ISO), placing it in the top 1% of fire departments nationwide. This achievement is the result of collaboration at every level and underscores the Village's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of fire protection.

Exceptional public safety requires the effective collaboration of teams in different service areas. The Public Works Department plays a critical role in ensuring a reliable water supply for firefighting efforts, and the Northwest Central Dispatch System (which provides emergency dispatch services for the Village) facilitates prompt emergency responses. The support of these groups was integral to the Fire Department's efforts to meet the ISO's comprehensive evaluation criteria.

EGV firefighters undertake training programs covering fire suppression, EMS, hazmat, and more

The EGV Fire Department conducts training tailored to both residential and large industrial emergencies

The department focuses on advancing their firefighters' skills through continuous and comprehensive training

Within the Fire Department, there is a strong emphasis on internal teamwork, from recruitment and training to emergency response. This team approach taps into collective expertise and lays the groundwork for commitment to common goals at every level, resulting in a greater ability to serve the community at large. Internal teamwork also helps facilitate knowledge-sharing as senior members retire and new members join the ranks.

Another fundamental element to the success of public safety initiatives is collective involvement. The active participation of Elk Grove residents and businesses in fire safety programs, including safety drills, inspections, and educational initiatives, contributes to the Fire Department’s success. This engagement enhances the department's capabilities and fosters a sense of shared responsibility for safety within the community.

The EGV Fire Department is one of 118 agencies worldwide, holding both an ISO Class 1 rating and CPSE accreditation

“We try to be as proactive as we can….the best fire is not the one we put out, but the one that doesn't happen.”

—Nathan Gac, Acting Fire Chief Elk Grove Village Fire Department

The Elk Grove Village Fire Department now stands as one of just 118 agencies worldwide holding both an ISO Class 1 rating and Accreditation from the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE). This remarkable achievement demonstrates how the synergy of internal teamwork, collaboration across service areas, municipal support, and community engagement can culminate in exceptional public safety standards. As Elk Grove Village celebrates this achievement, it serves as a reminder of the community’s shared commitment to safety and the extraordinary results that can be achieved when working together towards a common goal.

If you are a business in Elk Grove Village, one of the proactive safety steps you can take is to make sure you have two emergency contacts listed with the Fire Department in the event of an after-hours incident at your business. Update or submit contact information here.