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The Top 3 Benefits of Practicing Sustainability
April 2015
The Top 3 Benefits of Practicing Sustainability

A conversation with Jim Carr, President of CARR Machine & Tool, opened our eyes to three major benefits to prioritizing sustainability.

When it comes to practicing small business sustainability, Jim Carr is a rockstar.

Carr views business sustainability as a top priority for all types of present-day companies. He believes it drives success, attracts young hires, and protects the needs of future generations. Having taken over his father's business — and with a son closely involved with daily operations — Carr makes a mindful effort to ensure the next generation of business leaders and their team can work in the same healthy environment.

Currently, CARR Machine & Tool has three sustainability accreditations included in their quality management system. CARR is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and OHAS 18001 certified company.

Most small- to medium-size firms don't believe they have the resources, time, or money to invest in sustainability practices. But, Carr believes all it takes is a strategic plan. Every year he has a meeting to identify main objectives to improve sustainability. They track the impact of every potential sustainability issue, such as: Which chemicals are their landscaping vendor using? And, are they being cognitive of water conditions?

"We have a color-coded, detailed spreadsheet labeled 'Environmental Aspect and Impact Record'. It's a rating procedure for all factors including the level of risk, the effect on humans, the effect on the business image, business liability, and even probability of occurrences."

Each factor tracked is given a score so Carr and his staff can prioritize, identify, and resolve the most critical issues.

And if there's a sustainability process that CARR isn't following, the younger demographic will call him out for it:

"Millennials create a better culture for our company. The newer generation is more cognitive about sustainability and very passionate about it. The more dedicated a company is to keeping the environment healthy, the more hires it attracts."

But Millennials are not the only ones paying attention. Potential clients are too. For those working in the highly competitive manufacturing industry, be aware that practicing sustainability can play an important role in the buying process—something many business owners overlook.

Carr has seen a high return on investment by making sustainability a business priority. And he continues to improve his processes year after year.

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