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Two Best Friends Launch CraftedWild: A Game-Changing Custom Cabinetry Manufacturer
craftedwild elk grove village

CraftedWild is located on 101 Kelly St. in Elk Grove Village. If you're ever in the area, it's worth a visit. Founders Kyle Kiperman and Kornel Tadeuszuk are two passionate and young entrepreneurs with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship. They are also two of the most welcoming people you'll ever meet. It's no wonder they chose a "beyond business friendly" community to build their dream. After two prior locations, they eventually moved to Elk Grove for several reasons.

Kyle and Kornel are on a mission to change the way custom cabinetry is delivered. From consultation through installation, they go the extra mile to ensure customers feel comfortable and confident in the buying process while delivering innovative cabinetry that meets the customer's vision.

Like many makers, Kyle and Kornel started their cabinetry business unofficially in a garage about five years ago. They built anything from coffee tables to book shelves for friends and family. When people started placing orders, they soon realized it was the start of something big. Without hesitation, they decided to turn their hobby into a business, and by 2014 CraftedWild became official.

After moving the business around a couple times, Kyle and Kornel finally landed on Elk Grove Village. They wanted to build the business in a central location that's surrounded by similar companies. "It's good to be in a cluster with similar businesses because it creates a competitive environment," states Kyle. "As soon as we moved in [to Elk Grove Village], it was clear that the "beyond business friendly" slogan was real."

Although CraftedWild is still in the early stages, the founding duo has already placed "work culture" as a top priority. Kyle believes that it's the people who truly make a company unique and different from their competitors. Recently, CraftedWild was able to hire on two full-time employees, Allison and Bill, who have already made an incredible impact on the business.

To learn more about CraftedWild, visit or click here to get in touch.

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