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Why Elk Grove Village Is The Only Home PMI Kyoto Has Ever Known
Why Elk Grove Village Is The Only Home PMI Kyoto Has Ever Known

Introducing, PMI Kyoto

Whether or not you have heard of PMI Kyoto before today, you certainly have purchased a product from one of its customers. The company is one of the nation’s leading custom packaging manufacturers, and it operates right here in Elk Grove Village. For nearly three decades, PMI Kyoto has served an impressive array of industries, including food, household products, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care, automotive and more.

“We are successful because we deliver a type of high-quality engineering that you don’t see everywhere else,” says Branko Vukotic, who has spent the last eight years presiding over PMI Kyoto as its President. “We offer highly automated packaging equipment which allows us to deliver custom solutions for our customers. As a result, our customers know that whatever type of packaging machine they need us to build, we can get it done.”

Elk Grove Since Day 1

While some companies move to Elk Grove Village from another business park, PMI Kyoto has been here since its inception. For 28 years, it has called Elk Grove Village home, working tirelessly to build one of the top packaging machine manufacturing companies in the United States.

“We service Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, things like location, access, and surrounding areas are important. The fact that our clients can fly right into O’Hare Airport and then take a quick trip to us is key,” explains Vukotic. “Plus, you have a variety of nice hotels and restaurants that make the entire trip a pleasurable experience.”

It’s The Little Things That Count

While factors such as client visits are essential, it’s the everyday items that keep PMI Kyoto firmly entrenched in Elk Grove Village. Vukotic spoke openly about how easy it is for his employees to commute to work every single day. Elk Grove Village’s proximity to major highways and the abundance of free parking may be playing a pivotal role in helping PMI Kyoto keep its top talent.

The Perfect Partnership

In an age where budgets are scrutinized, and leaders are always looking for value, it’s impressive when a company calls a place home for more than 28 years. Vukotic says, “We stay in Elk Grove because of the leaders and staff they have here. They are very business-oriented, understanding, and approachable. Whenever we have needed help, such as requesting a permit or making a property improvement, they were always there to provide it.”

It was clear when speaking to Vukotic that he has a genuine appreciation for Elk Grove Village, its staff, and the benefits it offers his company. The relationship PMI Kyoto has built with Elk Grove shows once again; this is much more than your standard business park; it is a true innovation incubator, providing the resources and value a company needs to succeed in today’s economy.

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